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Preventing damage to teeth is an important part of keeping a healthy smile for a lifetime, but there are instances where teeth can become infected and at-risk for affecting the rest of your smile.  While advanced dental decay is one of the most common causes of tooth infection, spills and accidents that create fractures in teeth large enough to allow bacteria to enter can also create the need for restorative care.

At Norton Dental Associates, our services include root canal therapy to preserve infected teeth and teeth extraction to replace severely compromised teeth that cannot be saved.

Root Canal Therapy in Norton, MA

Instead of referring your root canal treatment to an outside practice, we can perform your procedure right at our dental office. While root canals have a negative reputation among dental patients, the process is comfortable with the right level of care. Our Norton dentist takes time to thoroughly numb the treatment site and can also provide sedation dental services with nitrous oxide if patients are anxious about their appointment.

During the root canal procedure, a small access point is created in the outer wall of the tooth, so that the source of the infection can be removed as well as all the damaged tissue in the root systems of teeth. As infection can deaden tissue, including nerves, inside teeth, root canals are a more comfortable process than many patients realize. Our dentist provides thorough care to ensure that all inner chambers are cleaned and outer tooth structure is preserved through a tooth-colored dental crown.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

If you have a sore or extremely painful tooth, you could have an infection that requires immediate attention. We encourage patients to call our office as soon as possible in the event of a serious tooth ache.

Dr.  Desaneedi provides same-day, emergency root canal services in Norton that help alleviate pain and prevent additional damage to surrounding teeth. For many patients, we can complete the entire root canal process in one appointment and provide a temporary restoration that protects their tooth until a permanent prosthesis can be created. This approach to care helps to immediately eliminate the source discomfort and protect the integrity of a damaged tooth.

Alternatives: Tooth Extraction and Replacement

When a tooth is too decayed to preserve through root canal therapy and restoration with a dental crown, Norton Dental PC also offers teeth extraction services and life-like dental prosthetics to replace pulled teeth.  While extracting a tooth is often the choice we suggest only in the event that a root canal will not prove effective, Dr. Desaneedi offers ways to help patients restore the feel and function of a health tooth with dental implant services.  In this way, we ensure that the the health and aesthetic drawbacks of having a missing tooth do not impact your smile.

Tooth Pain or Infection? Contact our Office Right Away!

With root canal therapy in Norton, MA, as well as options for tooth extraction and replacement, Dr. Desaneedi can comprehensively care for your smile. Call Norton Dental PC as soon as possible if you have a painful or broken tooth that needs attention.

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